AGAI Wholesale Division is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMERISAFE. The AGAI Wholesale Division specializes in providing agents a market for hazardous industries. These risks include but are not limited to arborists, construction, trucking, agribusiness, logging, and oil & gas. For a full spectrum of class codes available by state please view our Class Code List.

A synopsis of the Underwriting Guidelines can be found in the Ready Reference Guide.

AGAI Wholesale Division’s history dates back to 1975 when it operated as a store front agency in DeRidder, Louisiana. That agency was the predecessor to American Interstate Insurance Company and AMERISAFE, all located in DeRidder, Louisiana.

The staff at AGAI Wholesale Division works for you to provide the attention your business deserves. AGAI Wholesale Division provides personal attention from professionals working as teammates to protect your client’s business.


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